Perth: Closest Feeling To Home

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Perth is famous for being the most isolated city in the world. Who knew!

For me, Perth has been the closest feeling to home. Modern, yet rustic, rugged but sophisticated. From the lush green parks to the white sandy beaches and home to radiant skyline views. Perth is a fabulous destination which I think I could definitely call home one day.

With a near Mediterranean climate it is a city with endless summers. Its miles away from everything, but it never feels so. Mining and oil drilling has ballooned Perth’s population, resulting in a city of activity and growth. Perth encapsulates everything I imagined Australia to be: clean, hot, friendly, laid back, easy to get around and relaxed but still moving.

As a young city Perth itself is beautiful, however, it was the people that drew me in. I had the pleasure of meeting Conors extensive family in Perth. They made me feel like I’d been there years. Just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the city they lived in the most beautifully chilled neighbourhood. I immediately thought to myself ‘wow, I could see myself living here.’


Things to do and see in Perth:

Get lost at Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.

People often say a trip to Perth is not complete without visiting Kings Park and Botanic Gardens and I couldn’t agree more. The magnificent views over the city are one of the main attractions. Kings Park is one of the largest and most beautiful inner city parks featuring both cultivated gardens and untamed bush land. You can picnic on grassy lawns, take a jog through the bush land or attend one of their outdoor concerts. I’d recommend joining a free walking tour led by Kings Park volunteer guides. If you’re feeling energetic you can tackle 101 steps of the spiralling DNA tower for spectacular panoramic views.


DNA Tower

Take a day trip to Rottnest Island.

With 63 stunning beaches, 20 beautiful bays and an 11km long island to explore, Rottnest Island should most definitely be on your bucket list. There are three different companies that provide ferry services to Rotto. These leave several times a day from three different locations; Fremantle, Perth and Hillarys. Although there are frequent ferry services to Rotto it’s advisable to book your ticket in advance to ensure you get that highly sought after spot on the boat.

Our Rottnest Express Ferry departed from Hilarys Boat Harbour and took approximately 45 minutes. Most ferry companies offer return fares and bicycle deals.


Rottnest Island is car free and most of the fun is had while cruising around on two wheels. If meandering on a bike is not an option for you the Rottnest Explorer bus runs a hop on hop off service that does a circuit around the whole island. The bus leaves every half hour from the main bus stop. Tickets cost $20 per adult.

The quokkas are a definite highlight for any trip to Rotto. It’s very unlikely you’ll leave without seeing this remarkably cute creature. The Rottnest quokka are used to interacting with humans and are literally around every corner. Quokkas are small marsupials endemic to a few regions in WA, including Rottnest (which means rat’s nest in Dutch — when they landed, they thought the quokkas were rats.) The quokka selfie has become so famous now that even the most respectable looking adults go to great lengths to get the perfect selfie.


Conor going to great lengths here!

Be sure to park up your bike and visit Cathedral Rock to witness the playful seals in the water below. Not to be outdone by the seals, Bottlenose Dolphins are spotted feeding and surfing year round and Humpback Whales and their calves play in the protected waters of the island from September to December. Go snorkelling at Parker Point and Little Salmon Bay. Hike the Wadjemup Bidi trails and explore the lighthouse.


Burnt to a crisp
Remember to slip slap slop

Rottnest has a range of accomodation options, some of which I believe cost an arm and a leg! Rotto is Western Australia’s most loved holiday destination and many book at least 18 months in advance. An easy and affordable way to stay overnight on Rottnest, even during peak season is to take a tent and stay at the campground. Be sure to avoid ‘schoolies’ where hundreds of 18 year olds venture to the island after finishing school in order to get blotto in Rotto!

Situated 19kms from Perth it’s totally accessible and explorable in one day.

Enjoy one of the many beaches

With an abundance of awe inspiring beaches Perth is paradise for those looking for the perfect beach day/holiday.

Locally known as Cott, Cottesloe beach caters for everyone. A plethora of trendy beach cafes, bars and restaurants, long stretches of soft bright sand and a menu full of water sports. What more could you want?

Scarborough Beach is the epitome of a tourist beach. The exquisite beach offers everything you may require for a fun day (or night) at the beach. Live entertainment, street food, water activities and amazing sunsets are all on offer.

Trigg Beach should be at the top of your list if surfing is your chosen sport. This beach is a heaven attracting some of the best surfers from all around the globe.


Sunset at Scarborough Beach

Take the train to Freemantle.

For a day trip full of quirky, unique fun, look no further than the train line…Freo is the way to go! There’s endless attractions for all to enjoy. A lively and eclectic art scene, vintage clothes markets, fishing and boat harbours to explore. There’s numerous buskers, live music entertainment and micro breweries to keep you entertained. Be sure to check out ‘Little Creatures’, a small atmospheric micro brewery along the waters edge.


Young buskers at Freo markets

Take a look inside Fremantle prison, one of Western Australia’s most significant and fascinating cultural attractions. Fremantle Prison is the only UNESCO World Heritage listed building in Perth, built by British convict labour in the 1850s and operating as a prison until 1991. We decided to descend into the depts below Freemantle Prison for a tour of the prison tunnels. It was eye opening to step inside and do time down under with Freemantles prison guides. We descended 20 metres below the prison to explore a 1km labyrinth of tunnels by foot and by boat involving harnessing, crawling and climbing through the caves. It’s simply a must do.


Prison tunnels

Visit the small town of Leederville.

While in Perth we stayed with Conors amazing cousins in Leederville. One of Perth’s trendiest inner city suburbs, a place where people hang out and enjoy alternative, cafes, bars and restaurants. Home to some of Perth’s finest eateries, Leederville is small but sure is quirky, fun and cool. A hip little hood, embellished with unbelievable street art. We visited around Xmas time and there was a great buzz and atmosphere about. New Year’s Eve was a hoot to say the least!


Street art

Visit Crawley Edge Boatshed.

Commonly know as the Boatshed at Crawleys, this Boatshed sits on the Swan River just below Kings Park. The iconic Boatshed is accessible from Mount Bay Road. It has been around since 1930s and has recently been revamped. It has provided stunning backdrops for thousands of photographers around the world. The quaint Perth Boatshed became famous due to its rise on Instagram.


The infamous Boatshed

So, pack your bags and make the trip to Perth. It will not disappoint. I cannot wait to return and maybe even live there one day.

For me, Perth has been the closest feeling to home. Modern, yet rustic, rugged but sophisticated. From the lush green parks to the white sandy beaches and home to radiant skyline views. Perth is a fabulous destination which I think I could definitely call home one day.
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