How to spend two days in Purnululu National Park

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Situated in the Kimberley Region Purnululu National Park is one of those awe inspiring places you just must visit for yourself. The 4WD road into the National Park is a slow one with corrugated, rocky roads, but believe me when I say it is 100% worth the shaking about for what you are about to experience. We stocked up on fuel before entering the park and we’re glad we did as there’s no fuel stops. We spent one night in the National Park and one night just outside it at Spring Creek Rest Area. Here’s a few things we got up to while exploring this natural phenomenon.









Day 1

We got up bright and early to drive from Spring Creek Rest Area into Purnululu National Park. It took us 1.5 hours to reach the National Park. Once we entered, we hit rocky, corrugated roads with a few small water crossings. We took it slow and let our tyres down to 25psi. First up, we headed to the information centre to get the lie of the land. They were adamant that no drones were to be used because of cultural respect. We adhered to their wishes. We stopped off at Bloodwoods car park for breakfast before making our way to the infamous Echidna Chasm. This spot is one of the main highlights of the World Heritage site of the Bungle Bungles. The narrow gorge is located 19km from the visitors’ centre. The 1km rocky trail is short and partly shaded to get there. Featuring prehistoric livistona palms and gorge walls with extraordinary colours, a photographers dream with the ever changing light beaming through. Mid-morning sunlight penetrates the gorge creating incredible gold and orange hues. The best time to visit is between 11am and 1pm to get the full effect.









From here we made our way to Mini Palms Gorge Walk. A 4.4km return trail from the Bloodwood car park. We loved this hike with steep slopes, boulders to climb over and mini palms everywhere. This trail is one of the best ways to experience the sheer scale of the Bungle Bungles escarpment. It ends at a highpoint overlooking a huge amphitheatre enclosed by magnificent walls of rock. The viewing platform is as far as you can walk. Walking along the gorge floor is off limits to the public. Allow 2-3 hours, this grade 4 trail is somewhat shaded and cool.


Kungkalanyai Lookout is not to be missed with 360 degree views of surrounding land amongst the Bungle Bungle Ranges. It’s particularly spectacular as the sun sets across the western face. We chose to camp at Kurrajong Campground. The Parks and Wildlife operate two campgrounds within the National Park – Walardi and Kurrajong. Both have basic facilities with bore water and bush toilets. Bookings can be made online, $15 per person per night.


Day 2

We began our day with The Domes Walk at 6am. It was beautiful watching the colours change as the sun rose. This is the most accessible of the walks in the park with a 1km return trail meandering its way through the red and black striped domes. After breakfast we made our way to the breathtaking natural amphitheatre of red rock, Cathedral Gorge. This impressive cavern is known for not only it’s beauty but also for its acoustics, be sure to pack your singing voice! Cathedral Gorge is a continuation of part of the Domes Trail. Early in the season there is a pool in the middle of the theatre, you’ll see shrubs dangling from the towering walls, tell tale signs of the previous season.









Picaninny Creek Lookout is one of the easiest sections of Picaninny Creek to explore. With beautiful views of the Bungle Bungle Range across the creek bed, it’s a shorter option to avoid the head. A 1.5 hour return walk from the car park. When taking on the Whipsnake Gorge Trail it is best to leave early or later in the day as it is a long enough 10km trail. The walk ends at high rock walls, at a smaller cathedral type gorge. If you’re feeling brave why not organise to see the scale and mastery of the Bungle Bungle range by taking a plane or helicopter above these amazing rock formations. One of the most famous symbols of the Kimberly Region and a huge highlight of our trip. At this stage temperatures were soaring above 46 degrees, so it was our que to leave. This trip was short and sweet, but it definitely did not disappoint.


If you do make the trip you’re in for an absolute treat. Happy Travels!

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