Delving within: My first Yoga Retreat.

Just recently I was fortunate enough to attend my first yoga retreat ‘shine your light’ with the lovely Fionnuala from @infinniteyou. After only practicing yoga a handful of times and never taking to it fully, I had tried yoga briefly and decided it was too slow, too hard and I couldn’t keep up. I had like many been sucked into our modern Western society and joined the obsession with high intensity training, the thought that we need to be busy, we need to make all movements fast and chaotic. The truth is, yoga really is for everyone. It can be scaled very easily for every individual as needed. No matter your mobility, the shape and size of your body and your fitness level.

After much consideration I decided to book onto a yoga retreat, to jump in at the deep end and see what it was all about. I was able to go without any expectation and was willing to embrace whatever the experience was going to present to me.

The lovely Irish girls who attended the retreat.

Solely focusing on yoga and being able to practice twice daily, I relished at the opportunity to immerse myself deeper, without any distractions whatsoever. A few key features of the retreat that I believe were the perfect formula to connect with oneself began with the most obvious, disconnecting from technology. Although the gorgeous ‘Curraweena House’ provided wi fi throughout, I made the decision to disconnect and unplug from everyday life without the constant checking of the phone, demand of emails and responsibilities giving time to immerse myself, focus and develop a fresh perspective.

The experience was transformative in ways I know will enhance my everyday life. It is something I will most definitely incorporate into my lifestyle. Having the time to focus on you and your own inner self and connecting deeply within is one of the keys gifts of a retreat.

This is where @infinniteyou took us through our paces.

Daily journaling, cleansing, breath work, yoga, meditation, relaxation, chats and nourishing vegetarian food provided by @mindful_cooking promotes a shift in whatever is no longer serving you and helps to embrace the present moment a and live in the now.

The gorgeous kitchen where @mindful_cooking worked her magic.

Taking time to stop, slow down and delve within, my emotions were at an all time high. The retreat came at a pivotal time for me as I’m experiencing a lot of change in my life and my self love was at an all time low. It has helped me to look at it all with a fresh pair of eyes and be grateful for every opportunity life has thrown my way. Being away from the city and giving yourself permission to relax and receive the benefits of your morning and afternoon practice while enjoying workshops, fresh air and downtime enables you to experience profound rest and healing. For The first time in a very long time I went to bed each night with an empty mind.

The wonderful views from our hike to the Vale of Avoca in the Blue Mountains National Park.

People choose to go on retreats for many different reasons. Some in search of a little rest and relaxation. Others to really create and welcome a change in their lives. It’s taught me that it is ok to slow down, take time out and focus on me, myself, I. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi a retreat is a great opportunity for you to explore or re connect with your inner self in ways that will ultimately surprise you.

* Photos are not my own.