Southeast Asia

Philippines: a taste of paradise.

The Philippines spreads through a vast oceanic region of more than 7,000 islands, while geographically located in South East Asia, it is miles apart in terms of tourism compared to Thailand and Vietnam. It is made up of thousands of islands which means that there is no obvious travel route and the possibilities are endless. The Philippines encaptures the very best of adventures from beaches and island hopping, to scuba diving, wildlife and amazing landscapes.

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Titan: the ultimate fitness holiday.

Titan is an amazing camp to help you reach your goals, a fitness holiday with the sole purpose of getting people into the best shape according to their goals, within a given timeframe. Each person has a different level of fitness but the same goal in mind. Make the most of your time at Titan and embrace all it has to offer. I cannot wait to return.

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Singapore’s finest

Singapore has so much to offer with its diverse cuisine, world class attractions and vibrant nightlife. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia and is known as ‘the melting pot of asia’. Singapore is noted to be one of the worlds most expensive cities to live in, as a visitor it isn’t actually as expensive as you would imagine. Accomodation is on the pricier side compared to other South East Asian destinations but food is remarkably cheap. Singapore is one of the highest populated countries in the world. Hard to believe as it didn’t feel at all over crowded, perhaps due to its liveable and pleasant green city. 

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