Glenayr Farm Mudgee: Disconnect to Reconnect.

Set on a 320 acre working sheep farm we immediately fell in love with the unrivalled views of sunset and the mesmerising rolling hills as far as the eye can see. It really is the ultimate glamping staycation. A unique nature immersion, combined with minimalist luxury. On a large and relatively untouched property Glenayr Farms luxury tents sit beneath the glistening stars.

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Life as an Irish expat: 7 years later.

It was never my intention to become an expat. You could go as far as saying it was the furthest thing from my mind to even think about leaving Ireland 10 years ago. Then I met my friend Camilla while studying nursing in college. She spoke about travel with such enthusiasm and passion and it ignited a thirst for the unknown within me. Before going to college I holidayed in Ireland year after year and had known no different. I had the best summers growing up with friends and family on the lake.

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Delving within: My first Yoga Retreat.

After only practicing yoga a handful of times and never taking to it fully, I had tried yoga briefly and decided it was too slow, too hard and I couldn’t keep up. I had like many been sucked into our modern Western society and joined the obsession with high intensity training, the thought that we need to be busy, we need to make all movements fast and chaotic. The truth is, yoga really is for everyone. It can be scaled very easily for every individual as needed. No matter your mobility, the shape and size of your body and your fitness level.

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Joining the no hangover club.

There’s nothing I used to love more than the clink of ice cubes as they fall into a gin and tonic, fizzing Prosecco as the cork leaves the bottle and the smell of Aperol on a hot summers day, but sometimes love is not enough, it can get complicated! This is why I’ve decided to call it quits on drinking for good. Drinking is a way of life for many Irish. Our biggest problem is not how much we drink but how we drink. Just as much as we can enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine on a summers afternoon, we can loathe the troubles alcohol brings.

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Life as an expat: How to combat loneliness and make real genuine connections.

All sorts of people breeze in and out of our lives who we deem ‘friends’, acquantices, co workers, classmates, social media followers etc. What we really yearn for are ‘real’ connections. People we can count on. Friends who enjoy us. Pals who will stand by our side when times are tough. Companions who’ll both laugh and cry with us. Real friends who will stand the test of time.

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Silvermere Coastal Retreat: A Getaway Like No Other.

Dreaming of a getaway where you can relax, have fun and explore? Make that dream come true at Silvermere Coastal Retreat. Shoalhaven offers some of the most iconic holiday destinations on the South Coast of Australia. It beckons with white sandy beaches, rolling National Parks and a huge variety of entertainment for all ages. If you have not been lately, now is the time to secure your special experience at Silvermere Coastal Retreat which is nestled at the idyllic beach location of Culburra. Take full advantage of everything this popular destination has to offer from the comfort of your own private property.

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Orange: A very ‘A-Peeling’ Staycation!

Orange is a gorgeous getaway in the countryside surrounded by friendly people and clean fresh air. Discover award-winning restaurants, boutique shops, beautiful gardens and bustling markets, all set in the shadow of a striking ancient volcano. Go on, book your trip now, you won’t regret it!

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Tiny Away Review: D’Getaway!

The concept of ‘disconnecting to reconnect’ is a fundamental part of Tiny Away. Spending quality time with a loved one in a space where you simply enjoy the company with little else to worry about is pure bliss.

Escaping the city and experiencing the true Australian countryside is what it’s all about.

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Pure Gold: Surfers Paradise

Surfers paradise gained its popular name because of it’s never ending coastline, white sandy beaches and amazing crystal clear blue water. From tourist hotspots to

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