Northen Territory


There’s something extremely special about Yeppoon. A small little town with a very big soul. This gorgeous coastal town is situated on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. Many people base themselves in Yeppoon to explore the Capricorn Coast region of Queensland. Known for its tropical climate, beaches and snorkelling as well as the gateway to the stunning ‘Great Keppel Islands’.

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3 Days In Litchfield National Park

Litchfield is home to some of the most amazing waterfalls and swimming holes. A popular hotspot for any Northern Territory Road trip. You can explore Litchfield National Park in a day but it’s best to spend more time if possible.

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Kakado or Kakadon’t: Kakadu National Park

Australia’s largest National Park spanning 20,000 square kilometres, nearly half the size of Switzerland! Home to the greatest variety of ecosystems, from vast flood plains to rugged deserts, to mangroves and insane waterfalls, there’s a lot to explore. A UNESCO world heritage site with rich natural and cultural treasures. This land has been home to the native people for thousands of years. It’s now jointly managed by the Traditional Aboriginal owners and Parks Australia.

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Darwin: 15 Top Things To Do

Australia’s smallest capital. Darwin has one of the most dramatic climates, with a distinct hot, dry season, where it doesn’t rain for six months, then constantly floods for the remaining six months. There’s no doubt that Darwin pays homage to the reputation Australia has with the most lethal animals in the world. Snakes, sharks, box jellyfish and saltwater crocodiles call this area of the Northern Territory home.

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Uluru: To the Red Centre and back

You’ve probably seen millions of photos, postcards and TV commercials of the outback, but it’s a place you truely have to see for yourself. Sleeping out under the stars in the middle of the Australian desert is something I recommend everyone to add to their bucket list.

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