The ever growing tourist town of Broome can be found on the northern coast of Western Australia. It’s become known for its pearling industry. Broome has become more and more popular thanks to its beautiful beaches, incredible sunsets, vibrant cultural history, incredible landscapes and all round vibes. It serves as the perfect jumping off point to explore the stunning Kimberley region.


If this sounds like a bit of you then keep reading as I take you through my Broome travel guide, helping you make the most of your time exploring this glorious coastal town.


As Broome lies pretty much in the middle of nowhere the closest towns are Derby, a three hour drive east, and Port Headland, six hours north. It is extremely isolated, however, it has heaps of great things to offer, from unique cultural experiences to epic natural beauty. With not one traffic light in sight in the town of Broome, I can now understand the laidback atmosphere the town encompasses, otherwise known as ‘Broome Time’.


How to get to Broome.

Broome has its own airport located 2km from the town centre making travelling easy to and from Broome. Broome is generally a common stop on most peoples Western Australia Road Trip. Its best to visit Broome in a 4WD if you want to get to some of the more sought after attractions such as James Price Point. A 2WD will more than suffice if off roading is not on your radar.


The best time to visit Broome.

Broome is known to have two seasons, wet and dry. Wet season normally starts around October and lasts until March. The dry season begins in April and lasts until September. Ideally it would be best to head to Broome just as the wet season has ended in order to get there before the mass crowds.


Let’s get into the fun stuff!











15 Best things to do in Broome:


Witness the staircase to the moon

The staircase to the moon is something that only happens on a full moon and at certain times of the year. As the moon rises it creates a staircase effect over the water below. It is spectacular to see. The dates the staircase is scheduled to occur is when everyone flocks to the markets at Town Beach to see it with their own eyes. If you happen t be in Broome at this time, prepare yourself for the madness!


Check out Matso’s Brewery

Famous for their ginger beer, Matso’s Brewery is a local hotspot. Sample some local beer or some of their sample trays. They offer adventurous flavours like lemon, ginger and chilli drinks. A great spot to experience some local talent and live music.


Visit the oldest open air cinema

Sun Pictures is the world’s longest running open air cinema. They play several movies in the evenings. It’s worth a visit even just to check out the quirky décor and memorabilia.


Enjoy sunset at Cable Beach

Cable Beach sunsets are world renowned. Watching sunset over the Indian Ocean from a tropical beach is an experience not to be missed. Come 4pm 4WDs line up to drive onto the beach in search of a sunset spot. A Broome sight seeing experience that no one can resist.











 Willie Creek Pearl Farm

A short drive from Broome. Willie Creek Pearl Farm offers tours that demonstrate exactly how a pearl is farmed. They have thousands of visitors each year. One of the most exclusive tours in Broome and the most awarded tours in Western Australia. You can choose from a range of experiences; the Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour, the opportunity to harvest your own pearls or an awesome experience at pearl luggers.


Coconut Wells

A half an hour from Broome you’ll find the gorgeous coconut wells. It all about the tides! There’s two times to visit depending on what you want to see, high tide and low tide. At high tide one side of the beach fills up with water and you can float from top to bottom using the current to take you. Grab your noodles and float down the ever growing channel. The lagoon fills with water making it the perfect slice of paradise. Sit back, relax and let the tide push you down into the crystal blue oasis. If you travel further down the 4WD track, you’ll find fin rock pools at low tide. A sight not to be missed. Be careful as the rocks are sharp.











Guantheaume Point

Located just outside the town, a stunning area where the turquoise sea meets the red cliffs, creating the most breathtaking landscape. You can find some hidden rock pools to cool off. There is one around to the left of the car park and another to the right. Just 100m from the car park you’ll see a path between some long plants, take this and head straight for the cliffs and you’ll see it. It is only accessible during the renowned ‘spring tide’ where the tide exceeds 9m. You can also see 130 million year old dinosaur footprints that are preserved in the reef rock. Are they real, apparently… who knows?











Take a sunset camel ride on Cable Beach

Ride a camel along the picturesque Cable Beach. Theres many available rides to choose from. A morning camel ride, a pre sunset ride or a sunset camel tour to end the day on a high. Red Sun Camels operate Monday to Saturday.


Camp at James Price Point

Situated in the Dampier Peninsula, 40km north of Broome you’ll find James Price Point, otherwise known as Walmadany. The amazing coastline is a sight to be seen, red cliffs, white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters. If you fancy a few chill days away from the crowds, this is the place to be. You will need a 4WD, but the news is, it is a stunning free camp.











Experience the red sand at Roebuck Bay

Roebuck Bay is a truly unique beach composed of red sand boasting breathtaking colours and views. At low tide the milky blue waters show off the contrasting mud flats, looking as if you could go on an endless walk along the bay. You can see the Catalina float plane wrecks at low tide too.


Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls is a bucket list tour for those wanting to enjoy the best of the Kimberley region. An extraordinary phenomenon. It is a spectacle consisting of two gorges facing each other. At high tide, the water creates a waterfall effect as it passes through the gap.  Not one for the budget travellers as this tour is quite pricey. There are few tours on offer and they do book up quickly. We missed out on this opportunity as we did not book in advance.


Hang out at the bars and restaurants

With a plethora of bars and restaurants around Cable Beach, you won’t have to stray too far to find what you’re looking for. Popular options include; Zookeepers Café for breakfast, Sunset Bar and Grill for sunset views and dinner and Zanders to name a few.


 Aboriginal Art Galleries

The Kimberley region is rich in Aboriginal heritage resulting in many galleries to admire. Some of the best aboriginal artwork from Central Australia is on display. Most galleries are free, and the art can often be purchased.


Visit Chinatown

Experience the history of Broome on a walk around Chinatown. Back in the day the towns popularity rose when it was discovered to be a prominent location for pearling. Many migrants from Asia came to work on the pearling boats making it a diverse society, thus giving it its name.


Camping at Barred Creek

A great place to camp just north of Broome. Stunning views, excellent fishing and mud crabbing. A free camp with a maximum 3 night stay. Crystal clear waters, plenty of space and amazing sunsets. You need to be self sufficient and have a 4WD to get here.


There you have it. 15 of the best things to do in Broome. It is a gorgeous place to visit, whether you’re travelling Australia or in search of a unique place to grab some winter sun.







Broome has become more and more popular thanks to its beautiful beaches, incredible sunsets, vibrant cultural history, incredible landscapes and all round vibes. It serves as the perfect jumping off point to explore the stunning Kimberley region.
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