A Day in Darling Harbour: Reliving My Childhood

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Located in the heart of Darling Harbour you’ll find some of Sydney’s most interactive attractions, two of them being Madame Tussaud’s and WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.



Madame Tussaud’s

Do you find it cooky or cool? There’s no denying how amazing Madame Tussaud’s is. A world renowned famous museum that draws millions of eyes annually. From Royals to Hollywood celebrities, they have life size wax figures moulded. Where else in Sydney could you rub shoulders with sporting Olympian’s, Hollywood stars and iconic historians.



I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the world famous Madame Tussaud’s museum in Sydney to experience the latest life size wax replicas in themed galleries. During COVID-19 Madame Tussaud’s are giving specific allocated arrival times, do not arrive early, you will not be granted access to the building before your given time. Temperatures are checked on arrival and there are hand sanitisation products provided throughout the premises.



Madame Tussaud’s is a self guided experience allowing you to explore each of the themed rooms within the attraction at your own pace. With over 250 lifelike wax figures on display, my favourites were Spider-Man and ET, giving me a chance to relive my childhood! As well as being able to get up close and personal with the wax figures Madame Tussaud’s also proved to be an educational affair with each waxwork having an information board providing background for the figure on display.



Have you ever wondered what the sculpting process requires? I know I have! For an artist to create a realistic sculpture of a personality, they will make roughly 150 measurements. Wax figures are said to shrink overtime so all figures are moulded two percent larger than their original stature. Each waxwork takes approximately four months to create, I can well believe this. Each character is so intricate, every single detail is recorded carefully, from exact eye colour to tattoos and birth marks. Even hair (eyebrows and eyelashes too) are individually inserted into each wax figure. You really do need to look very closely, the waxworks and theming are extremely realistic!



It doesn’t just stop with waxworks, Madame Tussaud’s provides endless entertainment. Learn to walk, talk and dress like Royalty at the new Royal Academy, you’ll even get to meet Madame Tussaud’s new arrivals Prince Harry and Megan Markle. Take time to perfect that royal wave, English accents at the ready! Prepare your make up and strut the catwalk with Elle McPherson, bust out your best dance moves or even experience MTV in the infamous music zone to make your experience even more immersive.

Overall, I had a fantastic time getting acquainted with some of the worlds most iconic individuals. It’s a great experience for all age groups.


WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

WILD LIFE Sydney zoo is the perfect destination to get close to Australia’s most iconic animals. Snap a selfie with a koala or experience a buffet breakfast served on the koala rooftop. Discover one of the kangaroos at the kangaroo walkabout. I had the pleasure of encountering some very exciting animals, some being beautiful birds in the zoos replication of the Daintree Rainforest and Tasmanian Devils – critically endangered species. I watched the wombat and wallabies chase each other around their enclosure playfully and witnessed Rocky the mammoth saltwater crocodile (the largest reptile in the world) snooze in the pool for the duration of my visit. Like most crocodiles he spends a large portion of his time sleeping.



I was mesmerised by the nightfall habitat, the most interesting being the ghost bat. Prepare to be amazed as the animals can be viewed in their ‘day time’.

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo provide daily keeper talks and animal feeds at various times throughout the day (Covid-19 pending). It is the perfect spot to bring young children for a family day out.



With so many places to visit in Sydney, Madame Tussaud’s and WILD LIFE Sydney zoo are well worth adding to your itinerary. Be sure not to forget your camera.

Located in the heart of Darling Harbour you’ll find some of Sydney’s most interactive attractions, two of them being Madame Tussaud’s and WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.
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