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I (Kate Finegan) am an Irish native who gave up my nursing career in Ireland to follow my dreams of becoming a world traveller. I am exploring this beautiful world one country at a time. I now call Perth, Australia home away from home. I have travelled to over 28 countries around the world.


I am a firm believer in the power of positivity, mindset is everything. I have a huge passion for travelling and adventure and my aim is to inspire others to make the most of life and most importantly follow their dreams, whatever they may be.


My niche and area of expertise is affordable travel combined with adventure activities. Through my blog my aim is to educate and encourage others to travel more and explore the unknown. I started this blog to inspire and enable others to travel more frequently by providing detailed planning and destination information, while dispelling myths that travel has to be expensive or difficult.


While Travel In Her Footsteps is run by me Kate, my travels generally include my long term partner Conor.

I am currently completing a lap of Australia. Let me take you on this amazing journey with me. 2024 is going to be a year of work, travel within Australia and further afield in Europe.


Popular Destinations



Australia is the land of sun, fun, nature and surf. The fact that the entire country is surrounded by islands makes for a pretty epic destination. Australia is well known for its attractive mega cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. It is commonly known as ‘the land of dreams’, due to its contrasts and spectacular beauty.


New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its amazing wildlife, pleasant climate and lush forests, making a haven for outdoor activities. It is not only diverse and multicultural but is also a popular hotspot for adrenaline fuelled sports.


Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to some of the worlds oldest cultures, natural landscapes, and friendly locals. Pristine beaches, compelling history, sprawling rice terraces, and an abundance of activities to suit every type of traveller. One of the reasons why many travellers, especially backpackers travel to Southeast Asia is because it’s typically cheaper than most travel destinations in the world.



The reasons for travelling to Europe are endless. Natural beauty steeped in history combined with a myriad of sights and wonders, what more could you ask for? Europe’s most popular feature is the proximity of all its countries. Travellers can enjoy a variety of sights in a short space of time due to the clever urban planning.

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